is awkward, athletic, and knows a fun fact or two. According to his friends, the most important aspect about him is that he's still a virgin. Except, the thing is, sex never crosses Julian's mind. He doesn't understand what the big deal is. Julian's tired of all the pressure. He just wants his friends off his back once and for all.


is the captain of the soccer team and a straight A student who undeniably loves sex. And who cares? Her body, her decisions. Guys can love sex, so why can't girls? With the double standard, she's found herself with a bad rep. Her friends don't believe she can hold a relationship. But Quinn's competitive. She may not care to date but she's determined to prove her friends wrong.

Julian and Quinn

are seemingly polar opposites. Coaxed on a date through a dare, each only carry half of the story. Together, they learn there is far more to a person beyond stereotypes, society's expectations, and that love has more than one meaning.

What is love anyway?

This is by far my favorite read of 2018, and maybe even ever. This book is adorable. The story flows easily with the two perspectives, one for each main character. Brittany and Chelsea are both amazing writers, and this book proves that. The dialogue is very genuine, and the characters are well formed and multi-dimensional. Not only is this book cute, but it will pull at your heart strings. I definitely recommend this book, it needs to be on everyone's shelves!

-Cassandra (Goodreads)

Simply an Enigma was simply a pleasure to read! The characters are so life-like and well-written that I thought I was back in high school. As someone who was previously not so familiar with the themes and details of the book, it was an incredible experience to learn more about issues teens face. I highly recommend Simply an Enigma, you will not be disappointed!

-Christie (Goodreads)

Oh the feels! Oh the adorableness! Ace and queer characters who aren't broken! I am HERE for this!

Seriously, highly recommend! The world needs this story. As an ace person, I need a story like this. I love that the ace person gets an HEA with a healthy relationship! I love that he's accepted!

Sigh. I found this story to be very real. The insecurities of the main characters are my own -- and seeing them happy gives me hope. These may be fictitious characters, but their fears are real.

Above and beyond the relationship, I found the portrayal of asexuality to be highly nuanced and accurate. I'venever seen that in a novel before...or any movie. I was tired of being glossed over, or the butt of jokes.

This is the story of someone like me, and it's true. Read it read it read it!

-Bobo the Bard (Goodreads)