Theodore, a teen activist, has been in a year-long fight to get his parents justice after they were murdered. He’s nearly lost faith in humanity as each protest brings him no closer to progress. Yet, millions of people are watching his every move. He has to fight, he has to create change, he has to protect.

Theo is exhausted. He wishes he could disappear to another planet, give up his responsibilities, stop caring, and not be the teen who saves the world—for just a moment.

So when the opportunity to escape presents itself, offering hope, progress, and a break, Theo is skeptical.

Can a perfect world even exist?

Can there be a world without chaos?

Theodore's Work in Progress has elements of science fiction, romance, adventure, social commentary, and coming of age novels all combined into a very entertaining and thought provoking book. Lauren's writing is engaging and her characters are fleshed out with lots of room to grow and develop through the pages. I strongly recommend discovering this author for yourself. I hope to read a lot more from her in the future.

-Amanja (Goodreads)

The story was heartwarming. We all have to live our lives as best we can, not knowing the future. The sentiment, do unto others, if implemented, would make the world a better place.

- Jemay (Amazon)

This book reminds me a bit of The 100, Narnia and of course Marvel. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning and never lost interest. I felt a strong emotional connection with the main character, Theo, so it was one big emotional rollercoaster for me. I did feel a bit unsatisfied at the end, because I want to KNOW that things worked out for the best. That Theo made it back to everyone he loved (and a lot more people!) and ended up with Flynn. But that's just me always wishing for the happiest ending and has nothing to do with whether the book was good or not.

Apart from that: good storytelling, well written characters and the world building was perfect. I wouldn't mind moving to Otium anytime soon.

-Annabel (Goodreads)

The world Chelsea has created in Theadores Work in Progress is beautiful, emotional, and thrilling to read. She paints a clear picture of what it is like to be in Theo’s shoes throughout the journey that this book takes you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

-Tiffany (Goodreads)